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About Us
About us

Established in 2005, SP Two builds and distributes modern online marketing solutions and exciting mobile content worldwide. We create and develop engaging ad-free products, specialising in premium mobile and desktop campaigns that entertain consumers whilst delivering measurable results. SP Two provides worldwide subscribers to user-friendly game portals, fitness and health plans, sports news and scores, streaming portals, online competitions and more.

The majority of the UK population now browse the internet from their mobile phone. Our media and technology team can bring any digital marketing goals to life. We research, develop and optimise campaigns and track each conversion in-house. To stay at the top of our game, matching the right payment solution to the right traffic source is key. We have a range of entry mechanics to ensure that each promotion can be customised to match individual campaign targets and generate maximum interaction with consumers.

Advanced marketing solutions
Engaging online content
Measurable results & conversions

We specialise in adding value to smartphones through lifestyle and smartphone web apps, and marketing our enriching products accordingly. We work with game developers for our games service and partner up with personal trainers for our fitness web apps to bring their content to the market. Delivering quality content to our users is our priority.


We understand the competitive environment the mobile app market has become. Everything is at a simple touch of a button. Consumers expect apps that are fresh, tested and updated to ensure high quality content and a smooth user experience. We make sure that we deliver this through our careful selection of products.


We have created and marketed many products that we are proud to host.

Play the best hand-picked interactive HTML5 games with Gamersville. The entertainment portal includes games, apps, funny quizzes to share with friends and much more. Worldwide users enjoy ad free access to our large library of 100's of games and mobile content.

With our health and fitness products, we give our subscribers the tools they need to transform their body and achieve great results. Subscribers have unlimited and uninterrupted access to Trim XS, which includes an extensive recipe book full of tasty meals, training routines with exclusive exercise videos, essential nutrition and macro information which is personalised to each user, and much more.

Sports Alerts supplies international subscribers with a wide range of sport news, the latest scores and much more. From Formula 1 to the Premier League, users can follow their team for immediate alerts on games, scores final results and breaking new interviews.

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